Last update - 07.07.03
All Ericsson tool

  Support: T1x, T28, R320, A1018, A2618, A2628, T20, T29

    Fetures :

       Read and write EEPROM - all models
       Read FLASH - all models
       Write FLASH - all models
       UNLOCK and repair CRC - A2618, A2628, T20, T29
       USER CODE - A2618, A2628, T20, T29


ver 0.06 beta add write flash A1018
ver 0.07 beta fix error flash write A1018,T1x
add show USER CODE for A2628
ver 0.08 bet add T29
fix error user code A2628
add show USER CODE for A2618, T20, T29
ver 0.09 beta fix error flash size T2x
ver 0.09a beta new read flash algorithm
ver 0.10 beta add write FLASH T20, A2618, A2628, T29 (without first 8K OTP zone)
new read flash algorithm
new read eeprom algorithm (add CRC data check)
new write eeprom algorithm (increase speed)
ver 0.11 beta new unlock algorithm
add unlock T20e
ver 1.01 add COM3, COM4 ports
add R320

  Download ver 0.07 beta
  Download ver 0.08 beta
  Download ver 0.09 beta
  Download ver 0.09a beta
  Download ver 0.10 beta
  Download ver 0.11 beta
  Download ver 1.01 new

  Download helpfile (Russian) new
  Special thanks DJ007

Flash & eeproms
  Download A2628s flash & eeprom
  Download A2618 flash & eeprom
  Download T20s flash & eeprom
  Download T20e flash & eeprom
  Download T29 flash & eeprom

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